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Quest OnDemand Log Management


Published by: Quest Software
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Date added: 7/8/2011
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Quest OnDemand Log Management automates the auditing of your environment, enabling you to capture the “who, what, when, where and from where” for every action taken by a user. With a one-time setting of your preferred alerts and reports, you can reliably meet internal security policies and external compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA. This SaaS solution is accessible anytime, from any location, with a supported Web browser. Plus, our pay-as-you-go pricing model makes it easy to spread your investment over time. OnDemand Log Management is available for $30 per server per month. The service is billed each month based on your actual usage.

  • User Access Tracking–
  • Quickly discover what information resources users access throughout your environment by capturing the "who, what, when, where and from where" for any user-initiated access request. Use free-form or column-based search to find a needle in the haystack.
  • Secure, Tamper-proof Auditing–
  • Securely store your audit trails from all servers and systems offsite. Ensure that privileged users can not cover their tracks by erasing or tampering with log data. You can also grant remote access to event logs to outside auditors without providing access to other critical data. All data is protected in transit and at rest with encryption and SAML-based security access controls.
  • Extended Auditing for AD & File Systems–
  • Track access for users, groups, organizational units and Group Policy and schema objects. You’ll receive details that extend well beyond what native logs provide, including before & after values, client computer IP addresses, granular permissions changes and more.
  • Data Aggregation & Normalization–
  • Benefit from a single report that automatically aggregates and normalizes the data from all logs originating on your Windows servers, workstations, network devices and POS terminals. You get a full picture across your entire IT environment.
  • File Integrity Monitoring–
  • Ensure that changes to critical system files that could compromise your system never go unnoticed. You will be alerted immediately of this type of incident.
  • Predefined Compliance Reports–
  • Use a set of predefined reports and alerts that map specifically to the requirements of PCI DSS and other compliance regulations.
  • Dynamic Resource Provisioning–
  • Eliminate concerns about hardware resource provisioning. OnDemand Log Management dynamically scales to fit your specific storage and processing power needs. All logs are aggregated and preserved in a compressed state.
  • Automatic Upgrades–
  • Benefit from new functionality, enhancements and bug fixes, which are automatically deployed.
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