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Published by: Intelice Solutions
Date added: 1/8/2015
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AMP provides a unified view of your subscriptions so that you can focus on delivery and up time instead of locating your infrastructure. Take automated snapshots of your storage subsystem to support disaster recovery, emergency rollbacks, and data rescue.

AMP simplifies the management of your cloud infrastructure by providing a holistic view across all of your subscriptions. AMP presented a unified view of all storage accounts and makes it easy to perform common tasks such as creating and deleting blob snapshots on demand. Additionally, blobs can be promoted from past snapshots to facilitate data recovery. The AMP suite provides a comprehensive view of your entire Azure backed virtual server architecture and simplify simple management tasks such and start up, shut down, de-allocating resources, remote connectivity, and virtual machine cloning. AMP includes built in snapshot capabilities for your storage accounts. In just a few minutes you can set up scheduled jobs that will take a snapshot of the blobs backing your virtual infrastructure. Notification emails provide detailed information of successful completion and potential issues. You can also use AMP to restore snapshots and improve recovery times for your customers.
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