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Service Delivery Broker


Published by: PT/SAPO
Categories: Telecom, Government, Media & Entertainment, Communications
Date added: 7/19/2012
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Specifically designed to connect, mediate, and manage interactions between any web-enabled device and heterogeneous services, delivers built-in real time management and monitoring capabilities while supporting integration with any SOA compliant application or service.

Service Delivery Broker enables end-to-end service lifecycle management for all of the services exposed via the platform. It comprises the following four functional modules: 1) SDB Runtime: the engine that handles message exchange between the web service and its client application. It provides features including data model and data format transformation, routing, authentication, authorisation, throttling, load balancing, policy enforcement, caching, protocol bridging and SLA enforcement. 2) Services Marketplace: a web-based catalogue enabling customers to buy access to APIs and web applications. It also allows third parties to resell and manage the lifecycle of their own services and applications. 3) SDB Backoffice (SDB SaaS): a web application that enables overall management of Runtime and Marketplace, providing lifecycle management for services, products and SLAs. This would enable, for example, a product manager to turn an API into a commercial product that can be sold easily. 4) SDB Support Services (SDB PaaS): a set of web services to enable integration with OSS, BSS and other platforms.
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