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MyGet - Your hosted NuGet server


Published by: MyGet
Date added: 11/25/2014
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MyGet provides hosted NuGet feeds for individual developers, open source projects and corporate development teams. Create feeds for your developers, clients or the entire world using secured access. Feeds can contain your own libraries, artifacts as well as third party packages. In fact, packages can come from your build server, and Visual Studio Online, GitHub, BitBucket or CodePlex where we transform your source code into a compiled NuGet package. Create public or private feeds - you decide! Consume dependencies from Visual Studio or deploy them using Audit dependencies used by your organization. Support your release process with configurable upstream package sources, versioning rules, package filters and staged dependencies.

* Create public, private and community feeds * Build source code into NuGet packages from GitHub, BitBucket, CodePlex and Visual Studio Online * Manage dependencies and updates * Manage licenses of open source packages used in your team or project * Fine-grained access control on feeds
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