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PushLocker LLC


published by: PushLocker LLC

PushLocker is a Software as a service solution to Push Notifications on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. PushLocker makes it easy for you to enable push notifications for your application and manage those notifications.



published by: MeasureBox

MeasureBox provides 5 ways to collect and analyze opinion: Live Audience Response Systems, Video Raters, Opinion Trackers, Surveys and Polls

Pocketstop, LLC

Broadcast API

published by: Pocketstop, LLC

Pocketstop's Broadcast API is a multi-channel interface that simultaneously sends messages by voice, text, and email as well as posting directly to social media and internal social networks. The API can expand any application on an HTTP supported platform to function as a mass notification or emergency communication system. As a result, sending important information to employees or customers becomes efficient and drastically reduces opportunities for errors.


Innofactor Cloud Publishing

published by: Innofactor

Innofactor® Cloud Publishing™ is a cloud-based SharePoint add-on that makes publishing from SharePoint simple. It allows the import of static website templates (design, CSS, images, JavaScript, etc.) that have been created and configured outside SharePoint. The templates are subsequently available and ready to be filled with content from SharePoint. Furthermore all websites published with Innofactor Cloud Publishing are hosted on Innofactor's Windows Azure subscription.

Streemfire GmbH


published by: Streemfire GmbH

Streemfire is the on-demand media management and media player service for personal or professional videos, photos and soundfiles.

Moshe Sapir

My Azure app

published by: Moshe Sapir

This is my cool app

Mai Omar Desouki

Prayer Times

published by: Mai Omar Desouki

SharePoint 2013 Prayer App

Stremor Corp

Liquid Helium Summarization API

published by: Stremor Corp

Summarize Text Content



published by: Cluscore

This is test app

Seneca BV

Smartsite iXperion for Azure - Dynamic Web Content Management

published by: Seneca BV

Smartsite iXperion is the award winning content management system now available for Microsoft Azure. It features a powerful dynamic publication engine and an intuitive editorial user interface using familiar Microsoft Windows metaphors. It can be used to drive multiple web sites, fed by single-source content. Websites or website sections can be made available only to registered visitors. Multiple editors and multiple user roles make Smartsite the ultimate tool for a team effort.

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