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published by: EUHealth

Definitive UK & European healthcare contacts and planning directives database – 22 in full. Note: Currently only UK data is on Azure Market place. For European contact data please enquire at


Date Dimension

published by: PulsWeb

This catalog contains a Date Dimension designed for specific use in Data Warehouses and Self Service Power Query and Power Pivot data models. It contains all typical attributes but also Holidays dates, Seasons and French attributes.


Microsoft Academic

published by: Microsoft

Microsoft Academic dataset made available via Azure Marketplace


Business Verification

published by: D&B

D&B Business Verification validates, standardizes and matches company name and address data against D&B’s continually updated Global Database of 225+ million businesses via API and through integration with Microsoft Office online applications.


Power Data

published by: dotLogic

This catalog contains a series of reference data sets designed as star schema dimension tables for specific use in data warehouses and self service Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot data models.

FinViews Solutions Pty Ltd

Finviews Fundamentals

published by: FinViews Solutions Pty Ltd

FinViews specialises in solutions for the financial services industry and investors that enable dramatically improved transparency and insight in the quickest possible time frame combining internal and external data sources. The company offers various corporate data information services for investors and finance professional including financial business fundamentals (10K, 10Q), institutional holdings (13F) as well as powerful add on solutions for predictions, finance modelling and data mining.


Xbox Music Platform API

published by: Microsoft

The Xbox Music RESTful API makes it easy for you to connect your app or website to the world of Xbox Music. The RESTful API offers many features and generates useful data that can later be used to increase the value people receive from Xbox Music and your application or website.

Callcredit Information Group

CAMEO UK Geodemographic system

published by: Callcredit Information Group

CAMEO UK is part of Callcredit's family of consumer classification systems. They help you carry out detailed customer analysis and customer segmentation enabling you to group your customers and markets into segments of like-minded consumers.


Speech Recognition Control

published by: Microsoft

Capture end users speech and convert it to text in your Windows 8 and 8.1 Store XAML C# and Javascript apps with the Bing Speech Recognition control. Enable voice search or introduce voice commands in your application for a more natural, efficient user experience.


ForGIS Postcode Boundaries for GB

published by: MapMechanics

High resolution postcode sector, district and area boundaries (e.g.RG40 1, RG40 and RG) for Great Britain.

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