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published by: agingo

Booz Allen Hamilton

BAH Pixelate

published by: Booz Allen Hamilton

Deep learning based computer vision by Booz Allen Hamilton. Send a POST request with image_file in the request body (using multipart/form-data encoding) set to image you want analyzed. Receive a JSON array response with tags describing content of image.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator - Speech Translation

published by: Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator supports speech input from 8 languages and translates to 18 speech and 50+ text languages. It can be used in combination with the Microsoft Translator - Text Translation API.

Jorge Chávez

Municípios e Localidades do Brasil

published by: Jorge Chávez

Informações do IBGE e Geolocalização dos Municípios e Localidades Brasileiras


Bing Voice Output (Beta)

published by: Microsoft

The Bing Voice Output API lets you to increase the impact of your application by getting fast, natural voice results from Bing's voice output service. Just call the API with the SSML document and get natural quality readouts.


Bing Voice Recognition (Beta)

published by: Microsoft

The Bing Voice Recognition API lets you to increase the impact of your application by getting fast, accurate results from Bing's speech recognition service. Just capture audio from a microphone and use the API to give your users the experience they want.

Azure Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection

published by: Azure Machine Learning

Anomaly detection API by Azure Machine Learning helps you to detect anomalies in time series data sets. The API is useful for detecting patterns such as spikes, dips, level changes, trends and extreme values in seasonal and non-seasonal time series.


Consumer Alternate Contact Append

published by:

Datafinder's Consumer Alternate Contact Append API service provides you with additional email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses associated with an individual or household.


Date Dimension

published by: PulsWeb

This catalog contains a Date Dimension designed for specific use in Data Warehouses and Self Service Power Query and Power Pivot data models. It contains all typical attributes but also Holidays dates, Seasons and French attributes.


Power Data

published by: dotLogic

This catalog contains a series of reference data sets designed as star schema dimension tables for specific use in data warehouses and self service Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot data models.

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