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Verify - worldwide address verification and cleansing

published by: Loqate

The Loqate Verify SDK enables users to parse, standardize, verify, cleanse, transliterate, and format address data for 240+ world countries. Robust parsing capability enables unrestrictive address cleansing and the software automatically puts components into the correct address field, removing erroneous, non-address data. Supports data in any UTF8 language and incorporates transliteration capability for many major character sets of the world, enabling output to be displayed in either native or Roman characters.


Geocode - High granularity geocode for any address worldwide

published by: Loqate

The Geocode SDK enables a latitude-longitude coordinate to be added to any world address and enjoys superior market leading breadth and depth of data, with worldwide coverage to city or postal code centroid, and delivery point/rooftop level coverage for over 120 countries. - Validates data against the extensive Loqate Global Knowledge Repository of worldwide reference data - Improved geocoding through pre-cleansing of input data

CDYNE Corporation

CDYNE Phone Verification

published by: CDYNE Corporation

CDYNE Phone Verification will validate the first 7 digits of your phone number(s) and return what carrier the phone number id is assigned to, whether it is a cellular number or a land line, the telco, and additional information like time zone, area code and email address if it is a cellular number. This service returns "Valid" false if the number is not valid. This service does not update ported phone numbers.

Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

Environmental Hazard Rank

published by: Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

The EDR Environmental Hazard Ranking System provides an environmental score for any U.S. ZIP code based on an advanced analysis of its environmental issues.


U.S. Unemployment Data - 1948 to Current

published by: MetricMash

The MetricMash U.S. Unemployment dataset provides users the very latest government published metrics across the most popular series going back to 1948.

Xignite, Inc.


published by: Xignite, Inc.

Get real-time stock quotes including open, close, high, low and last sale prices and trading volume. Build a live stock quote feature directly into your website or software application. Or bring up-to-the-second quotes into your portfolio in Excel.

World Life Networks

Archived Micro-Blog Data by Keyword and Location

published by: World Life Networks

Data from 200+ sources. Great for historic trends, CRM integration, and user profiling. Search by keyword and location. UTF8 worldwide data on Entertainment, Geography, History, Lifestyle, Music, News, Science, Shopping, Technology, Transportation, etc. Updated every 60 seconds.

Melissa Data

Address Check - Verify, Correct, Geocode US and Canadian Addresses

published by: Melissa Data

WebSmart Address Check parses, standardizes, corrects and enriches U.S. and Canadian addresses to increase deliverables, reduce wasted postage and printing, and enhance response and ROI.

United Nations

UNSD Demographic Statistics - United Nations Statistics Division

published by: United Nations

The United Nations Demographic Yearbook collects, compiles and disseminates official statistics on a wide range of topics such as population size and composition, births, deaths, marriage and divorce. Data have been collected annually from national statistical authorities since 1948.

Boundary Solutions, Inc.

ParcelAtlas BROWSE Parcel Image Tile Service

published by: Boundary Solutions, Inc.

National Parcel Layer composed of 80 million parcel boundary polygons across nearly 1,000 counties suitable incorporating a national parcel layer existing geospatial data models. Operations are restricted to display of parcel boundary as graphic tiles.

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