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Applied Methods Inc

HealthMethods Data Service

published by: Applied Methods Inc

HealthMethods Data Service delivers healthcare cost and utilization data in a spreadsheet format. It was designed to make it easy for individuals to obtain answers to specific questions. HealthMethods Data Service integrates data from several highly regarded healthcare data sources including but not limited to,, and

Geoluminate LLC

US GeoSpatial Boundary Search

published by: Geoluminate LLC

We offer high quality geometry data that describes USA country, State, County, and Zip code borders in SQL format for users to consume.

Octavus Limited

e-IQ Dynamic Asset Index

published by: Octavus Limited

The e-IQ Dynamic Asset Class Index is a total return index based on a quantitative trend-following model that allocates long-only across all the major asset classes.


D&B Company Cleanse & Match

published by: dnb

Use the D&B Company Cleanse & Match service to validate and correct data against D&B’s Global Database of 225+ million businesses. This service returns a clean, current and accurate company record with a confidence score and match grade for each batch record. D&B’s Entity Matching runs through a process that includes Cleansing, Parsing, Standardizing, Candidate-Retrieving, and finally Evaluating. The result is a unique and accurate picture of a business entity.

Pricing Kernel LLP

Equity Derivative Data

published by: Pricing Kernel LLP

Comprehensive and consistent, market neutral, derivative price information on global equity index markets that can be used for mark-to-market, risk management, trade decision making and visualisation.


Company Family Hierarchy – Related Companies

published by: dnb

Add information about related companies to incomplete corporate records from the D&B Global Database of 215+ million business records. Business data such as D-U-N-S ® Number, Company Name, Address, Phone, Industry classification, Legal structure, Annual sales, Year started, Business ownership, Company family hierarchy and other content is included.

Innovative Edge Group

Stock Indicators – Technical Analysis Indicators of U.S. Stocks

published by: Innovative Edge Group

Get technical analysis indicators for companies listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX stock exchanges.

MacroTrenz Corp.

U.S. Bank Financial Condition and Performance Data Service

published by: MacroTrenz Corp.

The U.S. Bank Financial Condition & Performance Data Service provides, in readily usable format, regulatory reports, financial data, and structural information for FDIC-insured bank & thrift institutions published by the Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council. Easy search and retrieval of over 350,000 quarterly Bank Call and Uniform Bank Performance reports representing over one billion data points. In addition, MDR element data can be retrieved across banks & reporting periods.

DMTI Spatial

Location Hub for Microsoft SQL Server Data Quality Services

published by: DMTI Spatial

Location Hub® for Microsoft SQL Server Data Quality Services was specifically designed to be integrated with the Data Quality Service available in Microsoft SQL Server. Location Hub’s Address Recognition and Address Geocoding web service leverage the largest nationally sourced Canadian geospatial database corroborated against over 7,300 data sources enable organizations to improve the quality and leverage the content and context of their address data through address standardization, validation and geocoding.



published by: SepiaLabs

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