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Tempestive GhostWriter on the Cloud


Published by: Santin e Associati S.r.l. (Tempestive)
Categories: Oil & Gas Mining, Process Manufacturing, Business and Finance, Power & Utilities, Government, News and Events, Science & Statistics, Communications, Banking, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Capital Markets, Retail & Hospitality, Insurance
Date added: 7/8/2011
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GhostWriter is the tool that generates structured text documents. It is designed for organizations of different sizes and makes life easier for the user. It is based on second generation technology of documents generation produced by Tempestive. It uses a simple rules engine to produce the document. It integrates with the enterprise information system and other data sources or external transactions. It produces documents in Office Open XML format (.DOCX) and it is integrated with Microsoft Office Word and Sharepoint. There are two types of users who use the system: authors and end-users. Authors create the schema of the document using a plugin inside of Word. No special technical expertise is required. Users enter data using a simple web interface. Then they can proceed to the generation of document. The system also exposes a simple web service that allows you to control the generation of documents from an external program.

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