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Smartsite iXperion for Azure - Dynamic Web Content Management


Published by: Seneca BV
Categories: Business and Finance, Communications, Government, Health and Wellness
Date added: 8/9/2012
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Smartsite iXperion for Azure offers a rich suite of content management tools for web professionals. The offering includes the prize-winning CMS, allowing multiple editors to create, edit and manage web content. Many tools are available to mark-up content with meta data for smarter navigation and search, using keywords and thesauri. Content is ordered in a tree-like hierarchy. A strong feature is the ability to create accessible websites, meeting many standards for accessibility. The dynamic publication engine is fully XML-driven. Through an additional namespace many macro-like functions become available within the XML context. Smartsite iXperion for Azure comes prepackaged as “SmartInstant”, a ready to go website with many generic content types (news, events, people et cetera), many interaction features (such as polls, forums, ratings, item comments) and a rich set of navigation aids. SmartInstant includes the Web 2.0 Toolkit, Search Engine Optimization Toolkit and Faceted Search.

The Smartsite iXperion content management environment is fully web-based, supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer. Among the many available functions for editors and web managers are: • Add/Edit/Delete Page; using a feature-rich web editor to insert images, hyperlinks and provide mark-up to page elements, such as the body field; • Copy/Cut/Paste pages in the content hierarchy; moving content around in the structure does not lead to broken links; • Create folder-type content items, allowing for a strongly ordered content structure; • Set the sorting order for any folder (item name, modification date, custom); • Import/export XML in order to get a quick start with existing content; • Switch content type between (compatible) content types; • Schedule items for future publication or de-publication allows managers to prepare news items that will be published at a later date and/or time; also, content items can be provided with an expiration date, removing the content item automatically from the website when the expiration date is reached; • Set browse access to determine which named users/groups may view certain content; this offers the possibility to create extranet and intranet features with layered security; • Set manage access to determine which named editors/groups may modify content; • Create, edit and manage thesauri; thesauri of different types (flat, hierarchical, network) may be used to select controlled key words as meta data for content items; • Manage content types; a content type consists of a number of required and optional fields. Managers may extend the definition of a content type by adding specific fields or changing the rules for a certain field (required, select from thesaurus lookup, et cetera); • Manage security, groups, roles, users; this action provides full management control over both website visitors and CMS users, allowing for configuration with many degrees of freedom. Smartsite iXperion for Azure offers a powerful Image Server. The Image Server will use original images (such as hi-res camera images) and will create web-ready images in appropriate resolution on the fly, also converting the file type if required. Flexible design The preconfigured SmartInstant website offers editing actions for the layout of home pages, list pages and detail pages. A page consists of an unlimited number of rows; each row may be divided into as many as 16 columns. Each column may contain an unlimited number of Smartlet building blocks. The graphical design is controlled using standard CSS technology. Of course, jQuery and other Web 2.0 technologies are supported. Rich set of Smartlets Among the available Smartlets are content publication Smartlets (items, lists), Faceted Search Smartlets, Poll, Forum, Blog, but also many Smartlets integrating external technology and features, such as Google Maps, Flickr, AddThis and Twitter. Powerful development Smartsite iXperion for Azure offers powerful development features. Web page render templates are constructed using XML (such as XHTML) and placeholders, that during execution will be rendered by Smartsite iXperion, providing content, navigation or logic functions. This dynamic rendering process offers great opportunities to create highly personalized websites. Developers can construct their own Smartlets, reusable parameterized functional building blocks with copy/paste deployment. Roadmap In the course of 2012 Smartsite iXperion for Azure will be extended with a new and innovative user interface for content editors and content managers. Also, a new forms engine, based on the W3C XForms standard, will be a part of the future offering.
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