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ALFI (Analytics for Financial Institutions)


Published by: Whistlebrook Limited
Categories: Banking, Business and Finance
Date added: 7/8/2011
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ALFI is an application software package that has been specifically designed to provide building societies with a single interactive, graphical, management information system. ALFI pulls together key management information from many different diverse operational IT systems into one easy to use business intelligence system. The objective of ALFI is to help people to make better informed and timelier decisions.

Whistlebrook currently works with 32 of the 55 building societies in the UK. We supply them with business intelligence, financial ledger, treasury, financial risk management, and regulatory reporting systems. In talking with these many building societies some common issues are clear. In summary these are:Prospering in an increasingly competitive marketplace Maintaining margin Regulation and reporting overhead Lots of operational data, but little integrated management information Speed of response to marketplace changes ALFI was developed to help to address these issues by providing a single integrated view of a building society, including: Branch Activity and Application Pipeline Mortgages and Loans Savings Treasury Balance Sheet and Accounts Information Financial Planning Data This single integrated view of a building society can then be interactively interrogated with a series of pre canned and ad hock enquiries. The results can be displayed numerically or graphically so that key trends and significant information can be quickly identified. ALFI also provides full interactive ‘drill down’ capabilities so that top level information can be easily broken down into its constituent parts to identify all the contributing factors. ALFI has three modules:Financial Reporting Financial Planning Sales Activity Reporting Some examples of ALFI dashboards follow. When viewed in ALFI these dashboards are interactive, so that users can ‘drill down’ by clicking on the graphs to see the constituent information.
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