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RegioData Purchasing Power United Kingdom 2012


Published by: RegioData Research GmbH
Categories: Business and Finance, Retail & Hospitality, Consumer Goods & Distribution, Real Estate
Date added: 8/1/2012
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RegioData Purchasing Power Indices clearly represent the regional prosperity level of a country. Purchasing Power refers to the ability of one person or one household to buy goods, services or rights with a given amount of money within a certain period of time. The data refers to the disposable income including primary and transfer income of the population (taxes, insurance expenses and other compulsory contributions are deducted).
Fields of application
- Developing of regionalised sales strategies
- Target group analysis
- Assessment of market potentials
- Planning of sales regions
- Planning of operational areas
- Determination and assessment of ideal locations (trade, services and industry)
- Comparison of cities and regions on an international level

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Eine zulässige Weiterverwendung ist jedenfalls nur mit korrekter Quellenangabe "RegioData Research GmbH" gestattet.

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