DataMarket and Data Services are being retired and will stop accepting new orders after 12/31/2016. Existing subscriptions will be retired and cancelled starting 3/31/2017. Please reach out to your service provider for options if you want to continue service.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Add-In for Excel


As part of the Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering, we have made available a beta version of the DataMarket add-in for Excel 2010, which enables customers to discover, purchase and use datasets published on DataMarket. This add-in will enable information workers to integrate premium datasets available on DataMarket with their on-premises business data to perform analytics.

Key Benefits of this add-in include:

Access to premium and public domain datasets
Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a one-stop-shop, for trusted premium and public domain data. DataMarket brings data, imagery and real-time services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources. The Excel add-in for DataMarket provides access to these trusted datasets from within the Excel 2010 environment making it very convenient to access, integrate and analyze data for various business applications.

Enhanced analytics and insights
Microsoft Excel provides great capabilities to import enterprise data and perform analysis. However, in the past it has been a challenge to easily import premium commercial data into Excel. Commercial data is normally available in a variety of formats and is provided by a multitude of different data providers. The Excel add-in for DataMarket enables customers to connect to DataMarket (as the one-stop-shop) and instantly download premium datasets, as per their business requirements.

Customers can easily mash-up and integrate premium commercial data with their internal enterprise data to perform enhanced analytics and gain insights.

Familiar tools and streamlined experience
The Excel add-in for DataMarket adds a new button to the Excel Ribbon, namely 'Import data from DataMarket'.


It provides access to the list of datasets already purchased by the user and allows importing data from these datasets into Excel.

Subscribed Datasets