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Published by: KooDooZ, Inc.
Categories: Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods & Distribution
Date added: 7/8/2011
Get support for this offering is an e-learning and social network hybrid capturing the volunteerism, service learning and philanthropic efforts of youth. Described as an outcomes measurement tool for schools and youth groups, KooDooZ also tracks the “evidence” of youth impact by requiring participants to upload videos, podcasts, images and documents detailing their cause-initiatives. Encouraged to use our integrated payment gateway to raise funds from friends and family, participants are able to save money in their online piggy-bank, redeem their savings in our online store, and donate their funds to a worthy cause. As a result, the unmet need KooDooZ addresses is three-fold: (i) we prepare youth for life challenges; (ii) we develop core 21st century literacy competencies for our participants, including financial literacy, digital media literacy and good citizenship skills; and (iii) we embrace International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards.

• Search for cause content • Track hours of volunteerism (in 15 min increments) • Track milestones • Keep to-do lists • Earn achievement badges • Online piggy-bank • Track investments and spending • Online shopping cart • Browse products • Wish list products • Upload video, audio, photo, and other documents
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