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LucidWorks Cloud


Published by: Lucid Imagination
Categories: Science & Statistics, Government, Business and Finance, Communications
Date added: 6/7/2012
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LucidWorks Cloud delivers unmatched scalability, with sub-second query and faceting response time. Lucid Imagination created an integrated Search-as-a-Service platform that simplifies and empowers predictable, reliable search application development. Highlights of LucidWorks Cloud Search-as-a-Service - Sign-up for a plan and start building your search application in minute - Well-organized UI makes Apache Lucene/Solr innovation easier to consume - Create multiple search collections and manage them independently - Configure index and query settings, fields, stop words, synonyms for each collection - Built-in support for Hadoop, SharePoint and traditional online content types - REST API automates and integrates search as a service with an application - Well-instrumented dashboard for infrastructure administration, monitoring and reporting - Monitored 24x7 by Lucid Development Operations ensuring minimum downtime

• Streamlined search configuration, optimization and operations: Well-organized UI makes Solr innovation easier to consume, better adapting to constant change. • Enterprise-grade, business critical manageability Includes tools for infrastructure administration, monitoring and reporting so your search application can thrive within a well-defined, well-managed operational environment; includes upgradability across successive releases. We can help migrate Solr installations to LucidWorks 2.1. • Broad-based content acquisition Access big data and enterprise content faster and more securely with built-in support for Hadoop and Amazon S3, along with Sharepoint and traditional online content types – plus a new open connector framework to customize access to other data sources • Versatile access and data security Flexible, resilient built-in security simplifies getting search connected right to the right data and content • Advanced search experience enhancements Powerful, innovative search capabilities deliver faster, better, more useful results for a richer user experience; easily integrates into your application and infrastructure; REST API automates and integrates search as a service with your application. • Open source power and innovation Complete, supported release of Lucene/Solr 4.0, including latest innovations in Near Real Time search, distributed indexing and more versatile field faceting over and above Apache Lucene/Solr 3.x; all the flexibility of open source, packaged for business-critical development, maintenance and deployment • Cost-effective commercial grade expertise & Global 24x7 Support a range of annual support subscriptions including bundled services, consulting, training and certification from the world's leading experts in Lucene/Solr open source. Search Functionality: • Near real time search so new data can be found within seconds of publication, for twitter-like speeds in big fast-changing content streams with real time writes and reads • Scales at lower cost to accommodate continuous growth in data scope and diversity various topologies without compromising scale, performance or accuracy. • Uses new, highly-efficient comparator within any given editorial distance can identify matches across similar, but not identical terms and strings with orders of magnitude greater speed and efficiency, for more efficient spellchecking, fuzzy matching, and more • Contains full Solr/Lucene, exposing all interfaces, with the full breadth of Solr's capabilities – faceted navigation, auto-suggest, spellcheck; fine-grained results and relevancy tuning; and full web-based encapsulation of the Lucene search libraries in consolidated, transparent configuration files – that have made Solr open source technology a mainstay of leading edge search solutions. • Provides fault tolerance and high availability through replication and automatic failover. Includes both read and write side fault tolerance. • Includes durable writes with optimistic locking. • Provides centralized configuration facilities that can maintain multiple configurations. Includes an overseer for cluster coordination. • Handles a broader range of query inputs, helping ensure that users retrieve better, more complete results more quickly – and reduces the likelihood that users will see an error message • Click-scoring framework can automatically leverage ongoing user interaction with the search system, prioritizing results that users have already selected for subsequent searches of the same query • When new results are available, helps automatically alert users of the availability of the information without their having to return and search again and again • Built-in autocomplete suggests completed search terms as queries are typed in, so users can quickly complete input or choose from frequently occurring query terms Security: • Integrates with existing security infrastructure, applying your policies to user roles and document permissions • Acquires both secured and unsecured content within a single crawl, simplify indexing across multiple sources • Commercial grade https encryption can protect traffic within the search environment • Built-in fully configurable role definition and control, to create document level security and admin function security
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