dynaTrace for Azure Application Performance Management


Published by: Compuware
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Date added: 7/17/2013

Compuware APM’s dynaTrace is the industry-leading solution for optimizing performance of complex and dynamic cloud applications across its lifecycle—from production to QA & development. dynaTrace provides 100% end-to-end visibility, browser-click to database, with automatic performance hotspots analysis and 1-click to root cause that enables you to easily pinpoint issues and share actionable information –in minutes, not hours. Our customers use dynaTrace in production to delight their end users.

1. Manage End User Experience in Azure: How satisfied are your real end users? Are your Azure instances accessible to all end-users in their geographical regions? How quickly is content delivered? Do we need a CDN to speed up page load times? Answer these questions with dynaTrace User Experience Management (UEM) which automatically integrates with Azure to provide out-of-the-box visibility and analysis of End-User Experience from the browser all the way to your Azure Web and Worker Roles. 2. Ensure Performance and Scalability: What’s the performance of your application running on Azure? Can your application leverage horizontal scaling that Azure provides? Is your Azure application deployment as fast as your pre-cloud deployment? Answer these questions with dynaTrace and its PurePath Technology® that enables you to analyze performance of your critical business transactions down to the method level, all the way to your database and storage access logic. 3. Optimize Costs and Ensure SLAs: 3. Optimizing Costs and Ensuring SLAs What costs are associated with our new search feature? How can we reduce cost per transaction per end-user? Are the Azure cloud services we use meeting our SLAs? What is the overall cost runoff running our application on Azure? Answer these questions with dynaTrace, which has the ability to capture resource usage per transaction. Learn how much Azure Compute time each individual user consumes. Analyze how many Azure storage transactions your application performs per operation and use this to optimize cost and resource usage.
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