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Dynatrace for Azure Digital Performance Management


Published by: Dynatrace
Categories: Business and Finance, Retail & Hospitality, High Tech & Electronics
Date added: 7/17/2013
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Dynatrace makes it simple to monitor and optimize your complex applications. Automatic discovery and baselining provides rich insights with zero-configuraiton needed out of the box. Patented PurePath technology traces 100% of all transactions across every tier. Dynatrace's exclusive PureStack TechnologyTM directly correlates guest and host infrastructure health to individual application transactions and end users in real-time. Dynatrace 3D Model Technology combines the transaction detail and infrastructure health information provided by PurePath and PureStack Technology respectively to provide a 3D topology model with the exact link between every transaction and its guest and host infrastructure.

Dynatrace enables you to gain insight into how resources are truly being shared across servers and applications. Identify when resources are being re-provisioned and benefit from automatic baselines to determine any impact to application performance and end-user experience.


  1. Regain Visibility: Automatically identify and baseline performance for distributed application components and 3rd party services, and maximize agility by scaling smartly - up and down - in step with demand.
  2. Pinpoint Root Cause Quickly: Patented PurePath technology provides automatic profiling and one-click drill down into performance hotspots. Automatic deployment and zero-configuration monitoring specifically designed for elastic and dynamic applications deployed in the cloud.
  3. Lifecyle by Design: Bring Development, Test, and Operations together with a single solution for monitoring and managing your applications.
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