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AppDynamics for Windows Azure


Published by: AppDynamics
Categories: Business and Finance, Media & Entertainment, High Tech & Electronics, Retail & Hospitality
Date added: 5/25/2012
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* Introductory Offer – Get a FREE 30-day trial of AppDynamics Pro for Windows Azure when you sign up for Lite application monitoring. No credit card charges ever. *

AppDynamics is the leading provider of application performance management for modern app architectures—including ones that are distributed, agile, and hard to manage.

• Automatic Business Transaction Discovery
• Distributed Transaction Tracing

• Deep Code-Level Diagnostics in Production
• Event Correlation & Root Cause Analysis

• Analyze Trends & Baselines
• Custom Dashboards

• Auto-Scaling for Windows Azure
• Extensible Workflow Framework

You'll need 1 agent license per role instance. A site running 2 web role instances and 2 worker role instances will need 4 agent licenses.

AppDynamics Lite for Windows Azure Includes:
• 2 Hour Data Retention
• Up to 30 Business Transactions per Agent
• Limit of 5 Nodes
• Basic Application Performance Troubleshooting

AppDynamics Pro for Windows Azure Includes:
• Unlimited Data Retention
• Up to 50 Business Transactions per Agent
• Unlimited Nodes
• Advanced Application Performance Troubleshooting (Dynamic Baselines, Historic Trending)
• Advanced Analysis (Analytics, Change Correlation, Scalability)
• Distributed Transaction Flow & Correlation Enabled
• Reporting & Custom Dashboards
• Proactive Alerting Capabilities

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