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KEMP Technologies

KEMP Virtual LoadMaster for Azure

published by: KEMP Technologies

Virtual LoadMaster for Azure

Puppet Labs

Puppet Enterprise

published by: Puppet Labs

Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure changes, on-premise or in the cloud.


Business b-ridge 品質保証コラボレーション

published by: 東洋ビジネスエンジニアリング株式会社

昨今のサプライチェーンネットワークの形成により、開発段階からアライアンスパートナー戦略が設定され、設計・開発段階での緻密な連携による設計品質の作りこみ活動が行われています。 品質保証コラボレーションは、開発から製品の終結まで、プロダクトライフサイクルを通じたCAPA(不具合の再発防止に関する標準的な手法)を実現します。

FatCloud LLC


published by: FatCloud LLC

FatDB is the next generation NoSQL database for Windows users that goes beyond NoSQL by integrating Map Reduce, a file management system, a high-speed cache, and application services. The result is a high performance database that is able to deliver scale-out applications across tens or hundreds of nodes.

Mobi Weave, Inc.

App Catalog

published by: Mobi Weave, Inc.

MDM and Enterprise App Store

ITI Development LLC


published by: ITI Development LLC

The Back-Office Cloud Service Platform. All you need to make a robust back-office with no coding and without touching your code


dynaTrace for Azure Application Performance Management

published by: Compuware

Compuware APM’s dynaTrace is the industry-leading solution for optimizing performance of complex and dynamic cloud applications across its lifecycle—from production to QA & development. dynaTrace provides 100% end-to-end visibility, browser-click to database, with automatic performance hotspots analysis and 1-click to root cause that enables you to easily pinpoint issues and share actionable information –in minutes, not hours. Our customers use dynaTrace in production to delight their end users.


Formotus Mobile Forms Service

published by: Formotus

Design once, deploy anywhere: No-code mobile forms so powerful they work like apps.

ScientiaMobile, Inc.

WURFL Cloud Service

published by: ScientiaMobile, Inc.

The WURFL Cloud Service is a highly-available mobile device detection service. Thanks to a simple API, developers can dynamically tailor their applications to the features of the HTTP Client (Desktop, Tablet, TV, smartphone or other legacy mobile device). Browser properties, device features, support for different audio and video codecs are part of the properties provided by WURFL.

PushLocker LLC


published by: PushLocker LLC

PushLocker is a Software as a service solution to Push Notifications on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. PushLocker makes it easy for you to enable push notifications for your application and manage those notifications.

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