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Ray Consulting Limited

Course Developer

published by: Ray Consulting Limited

Develop courses by uploading PDFs, linking web videos/documents or linking html 5 learning content

Ray Consulting Limited

RCL App for Education

published by: Ray Consulting Limited

The RCL App for Education is a simple application for building your own online learning site.



published by: Suntek

ZunSchool is an application that allows schools to manage all administrative and academic processes from the internet. Schools pay a monthly subscription and can be more efficient and more productive within hours. Parents and students have a robust, efficient tool of communication where they can can view academic status, download reports, communicate with teachers, see processes of evaluation for each subject, and also check account statements for payments and fees generated by the school.

EurekaZing Learning Labs Pvt Ltd


published by: EurekaZing Learning Labs Pvt Ltd

EurekaZing is a web-based platform that helps explain “hard to imagine” science concepts via visualization and interactivity. It acts as a powerful tool for the instructor, while enhancing engagement levels and creating potential “a-ha” moments for students.

LogicalTech WebXact Pty Ltd

WebXact Courseware and WebXact Subscription model for builders

published by: LogicalTech WebXact Pty Ltd

WebXact is a cloud based courseware tool developed initially for use by Master Builders students to learn how to estimate/quote, schedule resources (manpower/material) invoice and manage their projects. This application also provides access to MBAV contracts and OH & S documentation, information on appliance energy efficiency and SMS/email reminders to help manage each project. WebXact uses Silverlight to provide an intuitive easy to use screen, SQL for data management and Azure.

Avaxa Pty Limited


published by: Avaxa Pty Limited

STRATA is a management application for the Business of Education for tertiary and vocational education.

Metria, Inc.


published by: Metria, Inc.

Metria is an Instructional Alignment System that provides easy-to-use online tools to help you manage assessments, interventions, and curricular plans, to support student achievement in the classroom, school, district, and state. Metria improves instructional efficiency by aligning and interlocking instructional plans, curriculum, assessments, and interventions. It also allows you to integrate data from multiple systems to deliver instructional intelligence to educators and administrators.

KooDooZ, Inc.


published by: KooDooZ, Inc. is a cause-based social media site purposed to give kids an opportunity to make a difference both online and in the real world. Open and free to all student groups, this e-learning and social network hybrid delivers a rich user graphical interface commonly experienced in popular gaming sites. Participant impact is tracked by the money they raise, the points they earn and the badges they collect.


published by: College501

College501 combines social networking, study skills, time management, and organization all into a single tool. Highly intuitive user interface combined with a Cloud based back end provides and engaging experience while keeping school work safe and accessible.

Vagsons Technologies Pvt Ltd


published by: Vagsons Technologies Pvt Ltd

Catalyst Online is our SAAS solution for Schools and Colleges that want to provide an online account for students or parents. Parents and Students can access their academic records, receive updates from colleges and even get access to assignments and notes published by lecturers. Having this hosted by us means that the Institute does not have to worry about procuring and maintaining their own hardware, network infrastructure and staff for keeping the online service up 24 X 7.

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