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oh22information services GmbH

German Bank Codes

published by: oh22information services GmbH

National payment service providers involved in the payment are identified after an agreement between the banking industry and the Bundesbank by bank codes. The Deutsche Bundesbank is responsible for assignment, modification, and deletion of bank codes. The bank codes and related information are original provided by the German Bundesbank. The data is offered free for personal and commercial use.

Pricing Kernel LLP

Calibration Statistics

published by: Pricing Kernel LLP

This data contains the calibration statistics for the data sets produced by Pricing Kernel.

miiCard (My Internet Identity)

miiCard Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

published by: miiCard (My Internet Identity)

miiCard (My Internet Identity) is a global Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution that proves ‘you are who you say you are’ purely online and in minutes, to the same level as a physical passport or photo ID check.

AC Cloud Technologies GmbH


published by: AC Cloud Technologies GmbH

TeamPlay is a central activity management software with an integrated time logging feature – applicable in any business sector, both project routines and working processes are effectively supported and optimised.

Brainware, Inc.

Brainware Distiller-as-a-Service

published by: Brainware, Inc.

Distiller-as-a-Service combines the market-leading intelligent data capture and validation technology of Brainware Distiller with the flexibility, scalability, and convenience of Microsoft’s Azure platform. Brainware Distiller-as-a-Service provides template-free invoice processing automation that typically eliminates 90% or more of the keystrokes required to input validated invoice information into your accounting system. Start transforming your AP operations with a few clicks of the mouse.


Quantum4D Builder

published by: Quantum4D

Quantum4D Builder: Lets non-programmers explore data patterns in big data - build interlinking spaces which Viewers can explore. Discover patterns in Spreadsheets to enterprise database resources. Build complex models of entire industries or quickly create compelling PowerPoint charts - Quantum4D moves your analysis and presentation to the next level.


Seamlessly Translate EDI Messages to XML

published by: ediFabric

Translate EDI (EDIFACT & X12) to XML (ISO TS 20625 compliant) Integrate via simple to consume WCF web service.

Uptime ITechnologies GmbH


published by: Uptime ITechnologies GmbH

Pipeliner is a new and innovative sales pipeline management tool for you and your company. It creates a new generation of sales force automation management – sales force empowerment! Pipeliner is dynamic and interactive desktop-based software that can be used as an offline solution, in the cloud, or even as a CRM add-on! Fully integrated with MS Outlook and MS Dynamics CRM, pipeliner brings every sales force a step ahead and makes your CRM more effective.


TimeBase247 V1

published by: Tricostar

Timebase247 is Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Time Recording on Windows Azure.


Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove

published by: Gizmox

Instant CloudMove is a unique migration solution based on the transposition concept. It literally takes your client/server code applications (.NET Windows Forms and VB6) and moves it from one environment to another which allows in to run on Windows Azure. As a result, Instant CloudMove transposes your legacy systems to run as the latest .NET/HTML5 applications in the shortest time to market.

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