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Date Dimension

published by:

This catalog contains a Date Dimension designed for specific use in Data Warehouses and Self Service Power Query and Power Pivot data models. It contains all typical attributes but also Holidays dates, Seasons and French attributes.


Power Data

published by: dotLogic

This catalog contains a series of reference data sets designed as star schema dimension tables for specific use in data warehouses and self service Power BI, Power Query and Power Pivot data models.


Speech Recognition Control

published by: Microsoft

Capture end users speech and convert it to text in your Windows 8 and 8.1 Store XAML C# and Javascript apps with the Bing Speech Recognition control. Enable voice search or introduce voice commands in your application for a more natural, efficient user experience.

GeoLuminate LLC

US GeoSpatial Boundary Search

published by: GeoLuminate LLC

We offer high quality geometry data that describes USA country, State, County, and Zip code borders in SQL format for users to consume.

Contractors Systems LLC

Contractors Performance

published by: Contractors Systems LLC

“Contractors Performance (SaaS)” is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that provides accurate and sensitive information about on-going projects, that Project Managers or Contractors Owners utilize to see how their projects Actual Costs compare with the projects Budgets among other features.


Synonyms API

published by: Microsoft

Use the Synonyms API from Bing to discover different ways people refer to real world entities like products, people, locations and more.

True False S.r.l.

True False WebUpload

published by: True False S.r.l.

True False WebUpload is a professional, scalable, easy-to-use document storage solution for companies and privates. As manager account, you can upload and share your files, create custom users and choose read/write permissions in a fully-compliant HTML interface, also accessible to mobile devices.

ScientiaMobile, Inc.

WURFL Cloud Service

published by: ScientiaMobile, Inc.

The WURFL Cloud Service is a highly-available mobile device detection service. Thanks to a simple API, developers can dynamically tailor their applications to the features of the HTTP Client (Desktop, Tablet, TV, smartphone or other legacy mobile device). Browser properties, device features, support for different audio and video codecs are part of the properties provided by WURFL.

PushLocker LLC


published by: PushLocker LLC

PushLocker is a Software as a service solution to Push Notifications on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. PushLocker makes it easy for you to enable push notifications for your application and manage those notifications.

CloudTools, Inc.


published by: CloudTools, Inc.

CloudAnalyzer is a reporting, analytics and monitoring solution for Azure applications. It's designed to give teams of software developers and IT managers greater visibility into the performance and storage of their cloud-based applications. CloudAnalyzer captures information from Azure storage accounts and produces useful reports that show how your applications are performing over time. By adding a threshold, you can get notified when an application performs unexpectedly.

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