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2RealPeople Solutions, S.A. de C.V.

Kite Logistics (Ever-Track)

published by: 2RealPeople Solutions, S.A. de C.V.

Ever Track is a tool for monitoring vehicles and individuals, offering organizations the ability to display real-time information on mobile assets, allowing confidence of the integrity of cargo. Ever Track is a web platform, which increases the opportunity for monitoring mobile assets at all times, giving you greater control of supply and logistics from any connected computer. Ever Track also has added value services that help you control the delivery points and restricted areas of movement.

42windmills B.V.

42windmills Application Designer

published by: 42windmills B.V.

The Application Designer enables you to build your cloud-based business applications by modelling instead of coding. It is also used for migrating existing applications to the cloud. We use proven Microsoft technology and have developed a ‘one click deployment mechanism’ to Windows Azure.

A&T Sistemas de Información, S.L.


published by: A&T Sistemas de Información, S.L.





MPS Monitor is an integrated application platform for managing Printing Devices and Cost-per-Page Contracts. The devices are network-monitored and all the data are managed in a SQL Azure DB, providing to customer and service provider the following features: - Asset Management - Automatic Page Counters reads - Proactive Supplies Management - Cost per Page calculations - Contract accounting - Reporting on all Operational and Financial facts and figures of the Printing estate


Accumulus Recur™

published by: Accumulus®

Accumulus Recur™ provides you with an agile back-office for your recurring business in the Cloud. You can automate the entire customer lifecycle from signups to cancellations, utilize recurring pricing strategies for your products from subscriptions to usage- based pricing, and gain visibility into how your offers, promotions and reseller channels are doing. Automate, Monetize, and Optimize your recurring business in the Cloud with Accumulus Recur™.

Addon Nice Technologies


published by: Addon Nice Technologies

Commerce package is a website full e-commerce package which includes the Imagine CRM and works with Addon Nice Server.

Addon Nice Technologies

Imagine CRM

published by: Addon Nice Technologies

Imagine CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an Addon Providing CRM with full image management. It needs Addon Nice Server to run. With Imagine CRM, you can add dynamic pictures to CRM entities. A Utility allows you to add Iframes to CRM forms and to plug in these IFrames to a page managed by Addon Nice Server which allows you to display, modify and insert as many images as necessary.

Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice

published by: Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice Server is a full server designed to improve Microsoft CRM. It contains CRM utilities and is the basement for a suite of business oriented extensions, with powerful tools unavailable in MS CRM. It also allows a user to copy data between CRM servers in version 3 and 4 using Data Migration. A publishing engine allows the user to publish a MS CRM on the web using any kind of navigator and allowing any external user to register in the CRM and access internal data according roles.

Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

published by: Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals transforms Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 into a powerful web engagement platform connecting your customers, partners and stakeholders online with total CRM integration and efficiency. Whether you deploy your portals on-premise, at partner-hosted facilities, or in the cloud with CRM Online and Windows Azure, it has never been easier to integrate your organization’s web portal with Dynamics CRM.

AppPoint Software Solutions P Ltd.,


published by: AppPoint Software Solutions P Ltd.,

PQube is a goal centric business management solution automating management of people, process and performance across some of the most common processes in any organization. PQube is designed to improve the way business can be managed while optimally leveraging investment made on existing tools, available skills as well as business knowledge gained.

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