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US County Code

published by: MENCHEN INC

This offering includes FIPS codes for all US Counties. FIPS code is a unique code assigned to identify each county in the United States


Public Real Estate

published by: Softronic

Information about and geographical position of public real estate

Greater London Authority (GLA)

Local Authority Average Rents

published by: Greater London Authority (GLA)

This dataset provides information on the amount that is charged weekly by the Local Authorities for social housing in the United Kingdom. This rent data are based on the financial year.

Greater London Authority (GLA)

Average House Prices, Borough

published by: Greater London Authority (GLA)

This dataset provides and average annual and quarterly house prices based on Land Registry data in the United Kingdom, by borough.

Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

Environmental Hazard Rank

published by: Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

The EDR Environmental Hazard Ranking System provides an environmental score for any U.S. ZIP code based on an advanced analysis of its environmental issues.

Business Database Builder

Property Management Software

published by: Business Database Builder

Our property management software is a Microsoft Access based database software for rental or properties management.

Zenkei Corporation

Zenkei Cloud

published by: Zenkei Corporation

「Zenkei Curator」は、現地案内などの「現物を見せる」作業を、バーチャルリアリティ(VR)で置き換え、マッチ度の高い見込み客から候補として選ばれる工程を自動化します。



published by: IBISapps

IBIS4Budget is easy-to-use financial monitoring software.

Uptime ITechnologies GmbH


published by: Uptime ITechnologies GmbH

Pipeliner is a new and innovative sales pipeline management tool for you and your company. It creates a new generation of sales force automation management – sales force empowerment! Pipeliner is dynamic and interactive desktop-based software that can be used as an offline solution, in the cloud, or even as a CRM add-on! Fully integrated with MS Outlook and MS Dynamics CRM, pipeliner brings every sales force a step ahead and makes your CRM more effective.


Visual WebGui Instant CloudMove

published by: Gizmox

Instant CloudMove is a unique migration solution based on the transposition concept. It literally takes your client/server code applications (.NET Windows Forms and VB6) and moves it from one environment to another which allows in to run on Windows Azure. As a result, Instant CloudMove transposes your legacy systems to run as the latest .NET/HTML5 applications in the shortest time to market.

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