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Government of the United States of America

2006 - 2008 Crime in the United States (

published by: Government of the United States of America

Extraction of offense, arrest, and clearance data as well as law enforcement staffing information from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.


a:coach - No.1 Application for measuring and evolving a Coaching Culture

published by: Atomus

a:coach is an on/off-Line coaching tool that can be utilized by all levels of the organization to capture and track coaching interventions. It is completely configurable to the competencies and skills that have been identified as key in growing both revenue and a coaching culture. a:coach enables the advanced reporting crucial to the success of a new or evolving coaching program.

Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice

published by: Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice Server is a full server designed to improve Microsoft CRM. It contains CRM utilities and is the basement for a suite of business oriented extensions, with powerful tools unavailable in MS CRM. It also allows a user to copy data between CRM servers in version 3 and 4 using Data Migration. A publishing engine allows the user to publish a MS CRM on the web using any kind of navigator and allowing any external user to register in the CRM and access internal data according roles.

Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

published by: Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals transforms Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 into a powerful web engagement platform connecting your customers, partners and stakeholders online with total CRM integration and efficiency. Whether you deploy your portals on-premise, at partner-hosted facilities, or in the cloud with CRM Online and Windows Azure, it has never been easier to integrate your organization’s web portal with Dynamics CRM.

Detecsys soluciones TI


published by: Detecsys soluciones TI

aula1 es la primera plataforma integral de gestión de centros educativos diseñada para la Nube Azure de Microsoft, siendo la única aplicación del sector certificada para el Cloud Azure de Microsoft. Está homologada para las etapas de Infantil, Primaria, ESO, Bachillerato y Módulos, es multidioma, multiempresa y está preparada para todas las Comunidades Autónomas de España

Greater London Authority (GLA)

Average House Prices, Borough

published by: Greater London Authority (GLA)

This dataset provides and average annual and quarterly house prices based on Land Registry data in the United Kingdom, by borough.



published by: HIGH TECH GROUP

"BiBOARD consists of two modules that meet various user requirements and profiles: -BiBOARD Studio is positioned as a universal interface to work. Users business experts and / or technical, will have their hands on creating queries, ownership in secure environments, and their fitness -BiBOARD Web is the path to the Web world. With this last module, you put at the disposal of your employees, your customers, your suppliers and so on."


Bing Voice Output (Beta)

published by: Microsoft

The Bing Voice Output API lets you to increase the impact of your application by getting fast, natural voice results from Bing's voice output service. Just call the API with the SSML document and get natural quality readouts.


Bing Voice Recognition (Beta)

published by: Microsoft

The Bing Voice Recognition API lets you to increase the impact of your application by getting fast, accurate results from Bing's speech recognition service. Just capture audio from a microphone and use the API to give your users the experience they want.

Pricing Kernel LLP

Calibration Statistics

published by: Pricing Kernel LLP

This data contains the calibration statistics for the data sets produced by Pricing Kernel.

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