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Weather Trends International

Worldwide Historical Weather Data

published by: Weather Trends International

Historical daily maximum temperature, minimum temperature, precipitation, dewpoint, sea level pressure, windspeed, and wind gust for thousands of locations around the world.

Cabinet Office, UK Government Open Data Program

UK Met Office Weather Open Data

published by: Cabinet Office, UK Government Open Data Program is the UK Government Open Data site on the world wide web. This Met Office UK Weather open dataset is provided to and hosted by Windows Azure Datamarket. The Met Office web address is

Wolfram Alpha LLC

Wolfram|Alpha Facts

published by: Wolfram Alpha LLC

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that generates powerful results and presents them with maximum clarity. With Wolfram|Alpha, you have fast access to curated and validated data on a broad range of topics. In addition to facts available at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, the data provided by Wolfram|Alpha on the DataMarket Service, gives users access to a vast array of time series data.


published by: Madeforit is a unique application that will dynamically suggest what users should wear in current or planned locations, based on real time weather forecast and user profiling.

Compu Campo SA de CV


published by: Compu Campo SA de CV

e-campo is an agronomic and geographical information system on the Internet, that through the use of the latest information technology tools, farmers, entrepreneurs and industry authorities can consult the productive potential and the agro-ecological limitations of a specific geographic location, the local, national and international business opportunities, and the field current situation in general - with the aim to increase its production and productivity.

Batavis GmbH & Co. KG

published by: Batavis GmbH & Co. KG

With, you can plan your vacation and include appropriate travel tips or personal experiences to help others with their vacation planning. You can also define other travel tips or your own travel diary. The page is map-oriented, meaning no long search in lists but simply open the suitable cut-out map.