DataMarket and Data Services are being retired and will stop accepting new orders after 12/31/2016. Existing subscriptions will be retired and cancelled starting 3/31/2017. Please reach out to your service provider for options if you want to continue service.

Using Marketpalce Datasets with Tableau Public

Tableau Public makes it simple to import and analyze data from various sources. You can import Marketplace datasets and combine them with other data.

Step 1: Download Tableau Public

Note that if you already have Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public installed, you should skip this step.

Click on the link below to open the Tableau Public download page. Follow the instructions on that page to download and install Tableau Public.

Download Tableau Public

Step 2: Open the Service Explorer

You must select the data to import into Tableau Public. From the Dataset Detail Page, click the link labeled Explore this Dataset to go to the Service Explorer for the dataset you previously selected.

Step 3: Construct a Query

In the Service Explorer, you can enter parameters on the left-hand side to filter the data you will import.

If you wish, click the Preview button to see what data will be imported into Tableau Public. Note that each time you preview data it will consume one transaction against your subscription.

Step 4: Import into Tableau Public

In the Service Explorer, click the Export tab. Then select the Tableau Public radio button and click the Download button.

When prompted by your web browser, click Open to open Tableau Public. The Tableau Public window will open.

Step 5: Enter Your Account Key

You will be prompted to enter your Marketplace Account Key. Open the Marketplace Account Keys page and copy an account key to your clipboard and paste it in the Account Key text box in Tableau.